If you are looking to purchase our freshly-made, great-tasting, and incredibly pure reverse osmosis or alkaline drinking water. Then we are well suited for you, we have 8 self-serve fill stations with prices less than half of a standard grocery store. You won’t have to wait for a line up, and we will carry your water out for you!

Water Jugs


Better Taste
Reverse osmosis effectively filters out the sodium from softened water, making it taste a lot better. Furthermore, reverse osmosis water is ideal for cooking as its purity makes the food tastier.

Alternative to Bottled Water
If you have a large supply of reverse osmosis water, you won’t have to purchase bottled water anywhere. Apart from being expensive, they also harm the environment because these bottles normally end up in landfills.

Purified to Perfection
Reverse osmosis removes a wide range of contaminants, including lead, arsenic, copper, fluoride, and selenium. You are assured of clean, drinking water every time.

Is your water dispenser running on empty? Come in our store or
call us today at 519-371-8500 to order a fresh supply of water. We also offer free carry-outs.