Barbeque Sauce, Rubs, and Pellets

Meat Church- Holy Voodoo Rub

This savoury rub has a Cajun influence and a jalapeño kick! Great for poultry, pork, vegetables and more!

Meat Church- Honey Bacon BBQ

We have taken our super popular Honey Hog rub and added BACON, because Bacon makes everything taste better!!!

Meat Church- Holy Cow BBQ Rub

This beefy BBQ seasoning is fantastic on brisket, tri-tip and steaks, but can be applied to anything you like. Many folks love it on chicken and burgers.

Meat Church- Honey Bacon BBQ

This sweet rub is excellent on pork ribs, pulled pork, poultry and vegetables. You can apply it to anything you like and the colour is amazing.

Meat Church- The Gospel All Purpose Rub

This All-Purpose BBQ seasoning can be described as the one rub you need for every cook; beef, chicken, pork, seafood vegetables and more! This southwestern style rub has a bright red colour and killer BBQ flavour.

Meat Church – Holy Gospel BBQ Rub

The Holy Gospel BBQ Rub. A mashup of our popular Holy Cow beef seasoning and The Gospel All Purpose rub. NO, it’s not 50-50. This took tons of test cooks to get it right. This blend is great on ribs, chicken and beef!

Meat Church- Honey Hog Hot BBQ

This rub is an offshoot of our popular Honey Hog with jalapeño added. This sweetheat rub is excellent on pork ribs, pulled pork, poultry and fish. It’s also fantastic on chicken wings and cooks down to not be as hot as when eaten plain.

Meat Church- Deez Nuts Pecan Rub

This rub started from our popular Honey Hog BBQ rub. We have finally perfected what we think is the best pecan rub on the market! This sweet rub is excellent on pork, poultry and fish!

Meat Church- Dia de la Fajita Seasoning

We hope you are going to love this authentic southwestern fajita seasoning with a hint of citrus.

Meat Church- Season Salt

Our Gourmet Season Salt can be used to juice up any dish. Beef, poultry, pork and vegetables. We love it on hamburgers, fries, guacamole, eggs, popcorn, salad, pico and potato salad just to name a few ideas.

Meat Church- Garlic and Herb Seasoning

Our Gourmet Garlic & Herb is made from the finest ingredients. Ain’t nobody got thyme for a cheap garlic & herb. This is our favourite of the gourmet series and is great on meats, vegetables and bread. We find ourselves using it in every cook and we hope you do too.

Meat Church- Holy Cow Brisket Injection

The Meat Church Holy Cow Brisket Injection is a tasty recipe that will drive maximum flavour and moisture into your BBQ brisket!

Meat Church- T-Bird’sChicken Injection

T-Bird’s Chicken Injection is a tasty recipe that will really help you “enhance” your
flavour and drive moisture into your chicken!

Meat Church- Texas Chilli Seasoning

The famous Meat Church Texas Chilli seasoning!

Blues Hog- Original Barbeque Sauce

Blues Hog Original BBQ Sauce is the perfect blend of sweet mixed with just the right amount of heat! Voted “best baste on the planet” & People’s Choice at the American Royal, this thick sauce has a very unique flavour and “sticks to your meat!”

Blues Hog- Smokey Mountain Barbeque Sauce

Blues Hog Smokey Mountain BBQ Sauce is a unique grilling or finishing sauce that combines the rich blend of high quality ingredients found in Blues Hog Original BBQ Sauce with an added depth of natural hickory smoke! Also great in side-dishes, such as baked beans.

Blues Hog- Tennessee Red Barbeque Sauce

Blues Hog Tennessee Red BBQ Sauce is a thin, vinegar and pepper based sauce popular in “Barbecue Joints” down south. It can be used as a marinade, baste, or even a dipping sauce. This sauce gives food a unique boost of flavour and a “zesty attitude!”

Blues Hog- Raspberry Chipotle Barbeque Sauce

Blues Hog raspberries with a pop of chipotle heat! It can be used as a marinade, baste or a finishing sauce. Your taste buds can’t get enough of this fruity kick.

Blues Hog- Honey Mustard

Blues Hog Honey Mustard Sauce is a thick, golden gourmet sauce that starts with the zesty taste of prepared mustard and finishes with the sweet taste of honey. The exotic blend of spices nurtures the natural flavours of smoked meats.

Texas Pepper Jelly- Craig’s All Purpose Seasoning

This will quickly become the most used seasoning in your house. It’s perfect on everything from pork, chicken, beef, and fish. But wait – vegans and vegetarians are not left out when it comes to our seasonings, especially this one. By itself it can handle any vegetable (even some fruits – try it on watermelon!) to take it to a whole new flavour realm.

Texas Pepper Jelly- Craig’s Chicken Seasoning

While this seasoning was born through years of testing for the perfect seasoning for chicken on the BBQ competition circuit, it isn’t meant to be used just on chicken, or even alone. Have a turkey you want to season up better than before? This is what you need.

Texas Pepper Jelly- Craig’s Rib Seasoning

Craig’s Rib Seasoning has the perfect amount of flavour with back-end heat! This seasoning flavours ribs better than anything you have ever tasted.

Texas Pepper Jelly- Apple Cherry Habanero Rib Candy

This product is the bomb. I mean really this stuff is off the chain. Cooking ribs has never been easier. Finally, a pourable, brushable sauce that can be used at any time during the cooking process or just poured over the top after you’re finished cooking. It does not get any easier than this.

Traeger Grills- Traeger Rub

Our ultra-versatile Traeger Rub features the perfect blend of sweet, salty, & savoury to crank up the flavour of any meat. Zesty garlic teams up with herby basil & oregano notes and the subtle smokiness of paprika & chilli pepper to complement everything from lean chicken breasts to bold beef brisket.

Traeger Grills- Pork & Poultry Rub

From pork chops to spatchcock chicken, give all your white meats an added dose of flavour with Traeger Pork & Poultry Rub. Paprika, onion, chilli pepper bring savoury notes, while apple and honey add a touch of sweetness that’s perfect for pork, chicken, and other milder meats.

Traeger Grills- Chicken Rub

From whole roasted chicken to turkey burgers, give all your poultry a flavour boost with Traeger Chicken Rub. Black pepper and chilli powder team up with citrus and cane sugar for a deliciously balanced addition to chicken and other poultry.

Traeger Grills- Beef Rub

Bring out the best in your burgers, steaks, and brisket with Traeger Beef Rub. Sweet molasses is balanced with paprika, chilli powder, and other spices to match with the bold flavour of beef.

Traeger Grills- Prime Rib Rub

Give your finest cuts of beef the flavour treatment they deserve with Traeger Prime Rib Rub. This sweet & savoury rub features rosemary and garlic flavours that pair perfectly with prime rib, thick steaks, and other premium cuts of beef.

Traeger Grills- Coffee Rub

Give your meats a serious wake-up call with Traeger Coffee Rub. More traditional spices like garlic, paprika, and black pepper get a boost from coffee and cocoa to add a bold dose of flavour to anything you shake this rub on. Give it a try and see what all the buzz is about.

Traeger Grills- Fin & Feather Rub

Amp up the flavour of everything from turkey to trout with Traeger Fin & Feather Rub. This savoury rub features garlic, onion, and just a hint of spiciness to complement that flavour of fish and fowl without overpowering it.

Traeger Grills- Jerky Rub

Combine your favourite protein with real wood smoke and Traeger Jerky Rub to get the best jerky you’ve ever had. Loaded with soy sauce, brown sugar, chilli powder, & bell pepper, it was born to make jerky – but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be great on a steak, too.

Traeger Grills- Blackened Saskatchewan Rub

Featuring a signature blend of garlic and spices, Traeger Blackened Saskatchewan Rub is an incredibly versatile rub that goes great on anything. With flavour that enhances everything from blackened salmon to roasted veggies and even scrambled eggs, it’s no wonder that this rub has a cult following.

Traeger Grills- Veggie Rub

This savoury rub features garlic, chilli powder, & other spices that will make everything from cauliflower to corn on the cob really sing. And even though it says “veggie” in the title, don’t be afraid to toss this versatile rub on any type of meat, too.

Traeger Grills- Traeger ’Que BBQ sauce

Our signature Traeger ‘Que BBQ Sauce features notes of brown sugar, smoky hickory, and tangy vinegar for a classic flavour that’s a natural partner of ribs and pulled pork, but is also good on just about anything.

Traeger Grills- Sweet & Heat BBQ Sauce

Get the best of both worlds with Traeger Sweet & Heat BBQ Sauce. It combines the tangy sweetness of our Apricot BBQ sauce with the peppery kick of our Texas Spicy BBQ sauce to give you the perfect balance of sweet and heat.

Traeger Grills- Texas Spicy BBQ Sauce

Add a little kick to your cookout with Traeger Texas Spicy BBQ Sauce. It features peppery heat that’s awesome with wings or pulled pork, and its thinner consistency makes it a great choice for marinating, too.

Traeger Grills- Apricot BBQ Sauce

Take your chicken and pork to the next level with Traeger Apricot BBQ Sauce. This tangy sauce features apricot sweetness along with a hint of heat that’s perfect for everything from glazed chicken and turkey burgers to classic BBQ ribs.

Traeger Grills- Sugar Lips Glaze

Finish everything from baby back ribs to roast chicken with this delectably delicious BBQ sauce. Offering rich sweetness with a bit of tanginess and a hint of herb-y flavours, it’s ideal for glazing meats right near the end of your cooks.

Traeger Grills- Smoked Bloody Mary Mix

Do your next Bloody Mary Traeger-style. Our mix features hints of horseradish, and a kick of cayenne, all mixed together with our signature wood-fired smoke taste. It’s not just for beverages—our Smoked Bloody Mary mix moonlights as a kickass marinade.

Louisiana Grills- Sweet Heat Rub

Give your food a sweet and powerful flavour with the Pit Boss® Sweet Heat Rub. The molasses and fine ground coffee give this rub a delicious and truly unique taste! Rub evenly over entire surface of meat before cooking. Versatile as a rub, in a marinade, or simply as seasoning for beef, pork, or poultry.

Louisiana Grills- Prime Steakhouse Rub

A robust blend of coarse black pepper and salt, with added depth of flavour from coriander, toasted onion and roasted garlic. The Louisiana Grills® Prime Steakhouse Rub is perfect for adding bold, yet classic flavours to burgers, steaks and other cuts of meat.

Pitmasters Choice Pellets- Gourmet Competition Blend

Locally made pellets produced from 100% raw wood with no additives or binders. A blend of hickory, cherry, oak, and maple.

Pitmasters Choice Pellets- Premium Fruit Blend

Locally made pellets produced from 100% raw wood with no additives or binders. A blend of apple, cherry, maple, and oak.

Traeger Grills- Meat Church Pellet Blend

A blend of hickory and oak.

Traeger Grills- Turkey Blend Pellets

Includes rub & brine kit

Traeger Grills- Signature Blend Pellets

A mix of hickory, maple, cherry

Traeger Grills- Hickory Pellets

100% hickory

Traeger Grills- Mesquite Pellets

100% mesquite

Traeger Grills- Apple Pellets

100% apple

Traeger Grills- Cherry Pellets

100% cherry