Heaven Fresh Air Purifiers and Humidifiers

Although you cannot avoid outdoor pollution caused by vehicles and factories, the air your breathe at home is something you can definitely control. The Water Store in Owen Sound, ON carries a line of air filters and humidifiers that your family will surely benefit from.

Why You Need an Air Purifier

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, bad indoor air is a leading environmental and health threat. Indoor pollution comes from a lot of sources, including your carpets, ceiling, disinfectants, pets, and dead skin.

These contaminants consist of invisible particles and organisms. They can attack your immune system over time, leaving you susceptible to a number of diseases. Ensure your family’s health by installing a high-quality air purification system at home today.

Heaven Fresh Products

The Water Store carries products from Heaven Fresh Canada, a company that is known for its intelligent air systems. These include the Smart WiFi Humidifier and the Multi-Technology Air Purifier, which combines 7 air purification technologies that virtually remove all types of pollutants such as dust, allergen, and chemicals.

Heaven Fresh products are equally effective and innovative. For instance, they contain advanced sensor technology which automatically monitors the quality of the air. The built-in sensors can easily detect the presence of contaminants, making sure that the oxygen you breathe is absolutely fresh.

Don’t let indoor pollution get in the way of your family’s health.
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