Overview of Our Products and Services

The Water Store in Owen Sound, ON offers a full range of products and services. From water treatment equipment to convenient refill services, we can accommodate any request. We also offer other products such as air filters and barbecue grills.


Water Treatment Products

Make a worthwhile investment by purchasing your own read Water Treatment Products. We offer several kinds of equipment, including water softeners and filtering tools.


Refilling Services

We have 8 self-service fill stations with prices less than half of a standard grocery store.


Water Dispensers

Largest selection of water dispensers available. We have a selection of the most modern and easy-to-maintain water coolers and dispensers.


Viking Spas and Tuff Spas

Soak all the stress and worries away by taking a dip in a hot tub. We have a large inventory of hot tubs from Viking Spas and Tuff Spas.


Spa Accessories

On top of traditional spa products we also offer enzyme-based and chemical-free products that you need for a healthy spa session. We carry products from Spa Marvel.


Traeger Wood Pellet Grills

Our multi-purpose wood pellet grills serve 6 distinct functions, including smoking, roasting, and baking. 


Heaven Fresh Air Filters and Humidifiers

Keep your indoor air clean like a breeze by purchasing any of our air filtration systems. With the quality of our products, we guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Expect nothing less than exceptional service when you deal with us.
Call us today at 519-371-8500 or come in our store to arrange a free in-home water test.